Catering Waste

Catering Waste Collection

Here at David Helm Waste Disposal, we take the problem of catering waste very seriously. Businesses produce tonnes of catering waste each year here in the UK, and we endeavour to provide a high quality catering waste collection service for those who need it to keep this in check. It doesn’t matter how much or how little, you can count on us to collect your waste in a timely manner.

Catering Waste Recycling

However, we don’t simply collect your waste – with billions of pounds worth of catering waste produced year on year – we want to make sure it’s recycled, too. We ensure that the vast majority of all catering waste is recycled, channeling this problem into a green solution for our country.


If you would like to learn more about our catering waste collection service, then feel free to get in touch today – we’re always happy to help.

Why Choose Us?

  • The vast majority of all catering waste is recycled
  • Reliable & regular collections
  • Cost effective solutions
  • High quality catering waste collection service

Glass Recycling

No matter how often glass is recycled, it retains its clarity and other qualities. We can provide efficient transportation and delivery of glass to authorised recycling facilities, ensuring glass is kept out of landfills. We can provide you with a flexible scheduled collection time and the right size of bins to suit your requirements.


Recycling glass not only helps save energy and the environment but it can also be used in the manufacture of aggregates and bricks. We rely on advanced glass recycling techniques to process old glass into high-quality materials.

General Waste

Once you have removed everything we can recycle you will inevitably be left with ‘residual’ waste, otherwise known as ‘general waste.’ We always seeks to divert your residual waste from landfill by seeking alternative disposal methods. This typically means your waste will go to an incineration plant. The final destination of your waste will depend on your location and the type of residual material you have produced. David Helm Waste Disposal is committed to helping our customers achieve zero landfill wherever possible, and with landfill options rapidly diminishing, the task is becoming increasingly easy to achieve.

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